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CPOA Dignity Drive

CPOA’s Welfare Facilities need your help!

Erica Place in Silvertown Athlone and Lotus River Place in Lotus River accommodate (subsidised full board) nearly 200 frail residents. On average 70% of our residents are incontinent. CPOA experiences challenges with incontinence supplies from the Department of Health for the residents. 

The Department is permitted to supply 3 nappies per day for residents who have been prescribed such by the doctor, and this contribution assists but is certainly not adequate to ensure our residents are comfortable during the day and the night.

CPOA is required to subsidize additional incontinence items, as this is one item that is absolutely necessary to maintain the dignity and freedom of our elders. Unfortunately, this can take away funding from the more fun activities that our residents can enjoy, such as outings to the beach and shopping trips to the local malls.

CPOA are looking for long-term corporate sponsorship to enable us to purchase approximately 12 000 diapers per month at an average cost of R 10 per diaper. This is a defined project for corporates or private individuals to be involved with and to assist with the plights of aging.

We fully understand the financial impact of this and we hope to create a ‘family’ of businesses that would commit to sponsoring a dedicated monetary amount or pledge an amount of actual incontinence products monthly for one year.

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Sr Bader for banking details or additional information.

With thanks and best wishes,

Sr Jen Bader
Nursing Care Manager
Email :

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